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Record your phone screen and sound to a video file with just one tap

Record your phone screen and sound to a video file with just one tap

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Program license: Free

Program by: Hecorat

Version: 5.8.11

Works under: Android


Program license

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You can find a ton of apps out there for a multitude of different purposes, but one that you may need and aren't even sure about yet is the AZ Screen Recorder app for Android, which allows you to record your screen.

An Overview of AZ Screen Recorder

Most people believe that you need a desktop PC or Mac in order to create the sort of YouTube videos that require screen recording. But that's not exactly true. Thanks to apps like the AZ Screen Recorder, you can now record your screen and your voice directly from your Android mobile device, smartphone or tablet, and use these files to create your videos. Of course, this is far from the only application of this screen recorder process; it's just probably the most popular. E.g. if you're doing social commentary and want to narrate over-top of other videos and articles, then screen recording software is the best way to do it. The same goes for doing interviews and podcasts and ultimately editing them down for more succinct, entertaining videos. This is probably the most popular use of screen recording software, but far from its only use. And because of the size and power consumption of most screen recording programs, especially when they're rendering a final video, this is a piece of software that most people thought could only work on larger computers, not mobile machines. Though since this program came out, the game has been changed.

This screen recording app was developed by Hecorat Developers and is relatively new on the market. At just over 20,000 downloads to date, not a lot of people know about this app yet. This means people aren't realizing how beneficial it may be, if, of course, you actually need screen recording software. To be sure, this is an app you only want to pick up if you can use it. It doesn't have a huge footprint, but you don't want it taking up valuable space unless you plan on using it.

Features of AZ Screen Recorder

The first feature you'll probably notice about this screen recording software is that it's totally customizable to the size parameters you need. For instance, say you want to record a bit of someone's live podcast in order to edit it for commentary. Rather than recording the entire screen, which would create a huge file size with mostly unnecessary space, you can instead just record the bit of video you need, which will go a long way to controlling the file size when it renders, making it easier to store and work with. Everything here is also a one-touch operation setup, which means you can simply touch to open, touch to record, touch to pause, and touch to finish. It doesn't have an inbuilt editor, so just take care not to record useless junk that you'll have to edit out later.

Pros and Cons of AZ Screen Recorder


  • Free to download and use
  • Very easy to operate
  • Can set a video timer
  • Quality recordings


  • Can take a while to render
  • No editor with the program